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The Ten Types Of Models


Fashion modeling is a diverse field with many types, each requiring a different set of skills and physical attributes. Here are the ten basic types of models in the fashion world:

  1. Fashion (Editorial) Models: These models typically work for high-fashion designers and fashion magazines. They have a distinctive look and are usually quite tall, typically above 5’9″ for women and 6’0″ for men. They also tend to have very unique, often angular, facial features.
  2. Runway (Catwalk) Models: These models walk the catwalk during fashion shows. They must meet strict requirements in terms of height (usually a similar range to editorial models), body size, and walking style. The ability to display the clothing in an attractive and engaging manner is paramount.
  3. Commercial Models: These models advertise a wide range of products on television, in magazines, on billboards, etc. There is less emphasis on meeting stringent physical requirements as their main purpose is to appeal to the average consumer.
  4. Plus-Size Models: In the fashion industry, plus-size models are typically size 12 and up, promoting body positivity and diversity. They model for a variety of clothing brands that cater to larger body sizes.
  5. Petite Models: These models are typically 5’7″ and under, which is shorter than the standard for fashion models. They mostly work with brands that cater to individuals of similar height.
  6. Child Models: Brands that produce products for children need young models to show off their inventory. Child models can range from infants to early teenagers.
  7. Swimsuit/Lingerie Models: These models typically have a curvier, fuller figure than editorial models. They are often more voluptuous and have a sexier image than other types of models.
  8. Fitness Models: Fitness models are usually toned, muscular, and athletic. They model sportswear, health and fitness products, and sometimes even work as trainers.
  9. Parts Models: These models have particularly attractive body parts, such as hands, feet, legs, or eyes, that are used to promote products like jewelry, nail polish, shoes, or eyewear.
  10. Mature Models: With many products aimed at older demographics, there is a need for models who can authentically represent these age groups. These models are typically over 30 and often significantly older, showing that beauty and style have no age limit.

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